03 January 2017

Cardinal Schönborn: Islam must reform itself

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has said Christians must insist on Islam accepting the importance of religious freedom.

Speaking to the Austrian daily Kurier in a long interview on his hopes that Islam would reform itself, the cardinal archbishop of Vienna said the fact that there was no provision for conversion in Islam must change. Muslims who converted were persecuted by their fellow Muslims, he pointed out: “We must therefore make it quite clear that there will be no going back on our demand for religious liberty. That is where Islam has a backlog.”

While religion is playing less of a role in Western countries, many Christians are against Islam as they felt threatened by it, he said. Just being against something, however, was not a solution: “If we are convinced that our Christian values are worth living for, then we will offer them to those who come to us. It is no coincidence that many Muslims here want to convert to Christianity,” he added. [The Tablet] Read more