11 January 2017

School forced to apologise after dozens of Muslim children are served up ice-cream containing forbidden pork gelatin

A school has been forced to apologise to parents after dozens of Muslim school children were served up ice-cream containing pork.

The mix-up was only flagged up after some children at the school had already eaten the ice cream.

Instead of the usually Halal-friendly dessert, the school were sent ice-cream laced with pork gelatain by a supplier.

The issue was raised at Lodge Primary School in Birmingham - but is understood to have affected a number of schools across the city.

A letter has now been sent to parents apologising for what happened, Birmingham Mail reported .

The mistake was only noticed after some pupils at the school, which has a large Muslim intake, had eaten the ice-cream.

The dessert was a new addition to the school’s menu, which was introduced last week. [Daily Mirror] Read more