24 June 2017

In Plain Sight: MEND, CAGE, and So-Called “Non-Violent Extremism”

Mak Chishty, former Met Commander has been recently quoted to say: ‘Without targeting Islamism and naming and shaming Muslim organisations such as CAGE and Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND), we risk having our safetIy and security threatened forever.’

Following four horrific terrorist attacks this year, it would seem Theresa May has decided to take action and form a new commission to counter extremism. With increasing calls like Chishty’s to oppose non-violent extremist groups, will new powers of disruption be on the agenda? And if so against whom should these power be exercised?

.... MEND’S Azad Ali is another controversial and increasingly notorious individual, having been filmed at a rally stating that there are not enough prayers being given for the Mujahideen in Mosques. Ali has also justified the killing of British Troops, which was made clear through a libel case he lost against the Daily Mail [2].

Additionally, whilst being filmed by an undercover reporter for Channel 4 Dispatches, Azad was recorded as saying that democracy should be dispensed with if its result is not the imposition of Sharia law: “Democracy, if it means at the expense of not implementing the sharia, of course no-one agrees with that.” [Conatus News] Read more