13 June 2017

Muslims should take to Facebook to condemn extremism, retired police chief suggests

British Muslims should use Facebook and WhatsApp to denounce extremism because the public no longer believe Imams when they condemn terror attacks, a former police chief has said.

Mak Chishty, who retired last week as Britain's most senior Muslim police officer, said people have "had enough" following the London Bridge attacks, adding that it was time to stop "skirting around the issues" and have some "very difficult conversations".

Issuing a "call to action" to all British Muslims, he urged them to launch a social media blitz to let the rest of the country know how strongly they feel about extremism.

Mr Chishty said community leaders were always quick to denounce acts of terror, but sadly their condemnation was no longer being taken seriously because the recent attacks had marked a turning point.

Speaking to an audience at the think tank, Reform, in central London, he said: "It has been a turning point because people have had enough. I don't agree with that but I understand it." [The Telegraph] Read more