26 June 2017

Secular Yemenis live in fear after student is killed in Aden

A gunman paused for a moment after entering an internet cafe in the Yemeni port city of Aden, approached Amgad Abdulrahman and pulled the trigger three times.

As the 22-year-old law student -- a member of a cultural club set up by secularists -- lay dying, the gunman waved his pistol threateningly before retreating outside. He then walked away without a word.

No group has claimed responsibility for the May 14 killing in broad daylight in the Sheikh Othman neighbourhood, a brazen attack even for a city gripped by lawlessness more than two years into a civil war.

Friends suspect Abdulrahman was shot dead by Islamist militants who they say are waging a campaign of persecution against secularists accused of promoting an anti-Islam message or being atheists.

Some residents fear the killing has taken the persecution to a new level, nearly two years after local fighters backed by a Saudi-led coalition drove Iran-aligned Houthi forces out of the southern city. [Reuters] Read more