19 June 2017

Iran bans Zumba classes for being ‘un-Islamic'

Zumba exercises classes have been effectively banned in Iran after the country’s authorities declared that the dance “contravenes Islamic ideology”.

“In light of activities such as Zumba, performing rhythmic movements or dancing in any form is not legal in any shape or title and the prohibition of movements such as this is requested,” Ali Majdara, the head of Iran’s General Sports Federation, wrote in a public letter to the ministry of youth affairs earlier this month.

The federation went on to urge the development of “athletics for everyone in the framework of supreme Islamic ideology.”

Mr Majdara’s position means that Zumba has in effect already been banned, with classes in locations around the country already cancelled. Similar announcements have led to the curtailment of other sports - especially those for women - in the past.

The energetic Colombian dance style has become popular in recent years, with gyms and sport centres around the world offering instruction. [The Independent] Read more