04 February 2014

Ukip MEP says British Muslims should sign charter rejecting violence

A Ukip MEP believes that British Muslims should sign a special code of conduct and warns that it was a big mistake for Europe to allow "an explosion of mosques across their land".

Gerard Batten, who represents London and is member of the party's executive, told the Guardian on Tuesdaythat he stood by a "charter of Muslim understanding", which he commissioned in 2006.

The document asks Muslims to sign a declaration rejecting violence and says parts of the Qur'an that promote "violent physical Jihad" should be regarded as "inapplicable, invalid and non-Islamic".

[A COMMENT] Well said Gerard Batten!

[ANOTHER COMMENT] .... what Mr Batten said is in essence fairly reasonable and will resonate with a lot of voters (including centre-left and centre-right voters). A lot of people here need to calm down a bit.

By the simple method of not feigning outrage at every little phrase they don't like, Ukip have already gone up in my estimation compared to the tradtional mainstream parties. And no, I'm not a Ukip supporter. Tiresome comments threads like this could very well make me one though. [The Guardian] Read more