02 June 2015

Furious Muslim man demands £5,000 payout – because he was 'served PORK'

Karim Kazane, 23, slammed Zizzi as "disgraceful" and "insensitive" after he apparently discovered pepperoni – which is not halal – in his meal.

He claimed to have "lost trust in eating out" since the incident in 2012, saying: "I believe Zizzi have taken that social freedom [I] once had away."

Kazane said his meal was advertised as containing beef and chicken, which are both halal – but not pork.

He has sent a string of complaints to the Italian chain but claimed that he has not been taken seriously.

He said: "I just felt like I was really belittled by them.

"I want them to know it's a serious situation that faces Muslims all the time. [Daily Express] Read more