15 February 2016

Hitting that does not make her ugly

Mufti of Gaza Hassan al-Lahan explains how to hit your wife:

"Warn them [the wives] and separate from them." The separation means separation in the bedroom, in the home. Not outside. In other words, he will not show other people that there is a problem.

But inside the home, at bedtime, if he separates from her and does not speak to her in the bedroom, she will ask why, and he will explain: "You made a mistake and I am angry about it." Perhaps this will lead to reconciliation... After the warning and separation, comes the hitting - hitting that does not make her ugly.

The Prophet [Muhammad] said: "Do not hit the face and do not make her ugly." (Hadith) In other words, not hitting that will bring the police, and break her hand and cause bleeding, or hitting that makes the face ugly. No. As it is said [in a Hadith] "If not for this (i.e., the fear of retaliation), I would give you painful blows with a small brush." ... The hitting is not meant to disfigure, harm, or degrade. [Mick Hartley] Read more