26 February 2016

Muslim woman who eloped with Christian man and embraced Jesus killed by her own family in Egypt honour killing

A Muslim woman divorcee whose romance to a Christian man prompted her to convert to Christianity was killed by members of her family in Tamia, Egypt in yet another case of honour killing.

Marwa Mohamed, 26, was killed by her cousins and uncle in front of her parents and siblings after she was forcibly brought back to her hometown in Tamia, 87 km southwest of Cairo. Her body was reportedly dumped near a cemetery.

Her younger sister was also made to slit her older sister's throat "as a way to deter her from following in her footsteps,'Egyptian media quoted sources as saying.

The romance between Marwa, a Muslim mother of two (Sahar, 8 and Omar, 6) and her Coptic neighbor Karim Eid, 27, started in 2013.

George Fahmi, a relative of Eid and a resident of the same place, told authorities after the tragedy that Marwa used to frequent a nearby Christian jeweller's shop where Eid was working. The frequent meetings ended in the couple eloping and heading to Alexandria (280 km away from Tamia) during the summer of 2013. [Christian Today] Read more