15 February 2016

Soaring crimes by Muslim men forcing Christians, women, gays to leave asylum centres in Germany

Skyrocketing complaints about religious and ethnic-based crimes have forced many Christians, women and homosexuals to leave Germany's asylum facilities by the droves.

The latest in the issue of Germany's migration crisis was revealed by local newspapers as the country continues to cope with migrant influx mostly from the Middle East and Africa. Germany accepted 1.1 million migrants in 2015.

According to German newspaper Die Welt, Christians, gays and women are leaving these facilities due to soaring instances of violence, intimidation and crimes allegedly perpetrated by Muslim men.

.... Reacting to the systematic persecution of Christians, Martin Lessenthin, CEO of the International Society for Human Rights, said: "It's common to see both Christians and Yazidis subject to torment and beatings and while it is not desirable to accommodate migrants separately, it be may be inevitable for the safety of the minorities.'' [Christian Today] Read more