26 February 2016

Sexism row as mosque turns away women worshippers

The Islamic Centre in Soho is a mosque where women cannot pray. A sign clearly states no facilities for "sisters", and tells them to go elsewhere.

Anita Nayyar used to go to the Soho mosque. But she claims that on a number of occasions she was asked to leave, and that friends were told the same.

"I had two friends go there with their elderly mother. She has been told to go to this other mosque half a mile away.

She can't walk that far and she would have missed her prayer. I had another friend who went to pray there she knew that they had a ban she just went straight in because she needed to pray and the man in the mosque tried to take her out of the mosque."

We went to the mosque to ask if they have, on occasions, asked women to leave and to explain why they've put up the sign. At the door a man told us no one was available to comment today. [ITN News] Read more