17 February 2016

The report you’ve all been waiting for: defining ‘normative’ Islam

Where does one start with this? Here’s how 5Pillars introduces its report:

"An independent survey commissioned by 5Pillars has revealed that an overwhelming consensus exists amongst influential British Muslims about their faith.

The survey which was carried out by market research company PCP asked participants to state their level of agreement to 95 statements categorised under twelve subject areas about Islamic beliefs and practices.

The findings were compiled and entitled the ‘Normative Islam Report’, which was published earlier today at the London Muslim Centre

Out of a list of 352 British Muslim leaders which was submitted to PCP by 5Pillars, 150 completed the survey."

Their executive summary is here. My own executive summary: this project seeks to disown the most violent ISIS supporting extremists, privilege orthodox or conservative Islam while apparently fudging its true nature, and completely sideline more secular and liberal Muslim voices.

They only asked Muslim leaders to respond – and made their own decisions, of course, about who those leaders are. I would guess that no Muslims associated with liberal organisations such as Quilliam or BMSD, were invited, and I noticed that the option ‘Ahmadi’ was not offered alongside Sunni and Shia. (One of the statements people were invited to agree with was “The Prophet Muhammad is the last and final prophet and messenger of God”). [Harry’s Place] Read more