24 June 2016

ALA's Ron Pike wants a 10-year ban on Muslim immigrants

Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) candidate for Farrer Ron Pike says the time is right for Australians to have a conversation about the threat of radical Islam.

The party’s published policy document states Islam “is not merely a religion, it is a totalitarian ideology with global aspirations” and proposes a 10-year ban on Muslims from most Islamic nations coming to live in Australia.

“The growth of radical Islam is totally incompatible with a free, tolerant, peace-loving democracy and that is what we’re against,” Mr Pike said.

“What we’re saying is let’s pause this while we have a mature discussion. It could be in a few years time we say all of this is fine but at the moment that’s where a very large proportion of our immigrants are coming from.”

Mr Pike said the ALA had no problem with Muslims in general, but a discussion about the threat of radical Islam needed to be had. [The Border Mail] Read more