18 June 2016

Ofsted warn of 'music act of devil' leaflet found during Muslim school inspection

Ofsted has criticised an Islamic independent school, after inspectors found leaflets which claimed music and dancing were "acts of the devil".

Inspectors made an unannounced visit to the Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham after having previously rated the school as "inadequate".

Inspectors said pupils were not being protected from "extreme views".

But the school rejected this saying the leaflets were not in the school, but in a "mosque adjacent to the school".

A spokeswoman for the Department for Education said the allegations would be urgently investigated and that action would be taken against schools "promoting twisted ideologies".

"These leaflets should have no place in any school - and we will not hesitate to take strong action when schools focus on ideological indoctrination rather than a high-quality education," said the DFE spokeswoman. [BBC] Read more