03 June 2016

College president: Why we changed the uniform rules to allow a cadet to wear a hijab or yarmulke

When a Muslim student asked for an exception to the required uniform at the Citadel, the public military college that had accepted her, it provoked a strong response: Some alumni and others found the idea anathema to the defining principles of unity, uniformity and Corps before self; others thought it would send a message that all faiths were welcome and that the storied institution was not so bound to tradition that it could not evolve with a more diverse society.

.... The new regulations to the NUCC uniform policy will specify the proper wearing and color of the hijab and kippah or yarmulke to allow students to participate as full members of the Corps. No other Corps standards will be altered or changed.

The Corps of Cadets places a high value on the rights of its cadets to observe tenets of their respective religions or to observe no religion at all. Regardless of their spiritual or religious affiliation, all students and employees should feel welcome and comfortable at Norwich University. A dynamic world requires change as evidenced by the adjustments that were made in 1974 with the admission of women into the Corps.

I hope this helps you understand the decision better. Like our trustees, I believe this decision will make us a stronger university. [The Washington Post] Read more