19 June 2016

Businessman launches website to find himself TWO more wives - But boss behind SecondWife.com and Polygamy.com says he is promoting family values

A dating website has been set up to help men find SECOND WIVES, and already has 35,000 members - most of them from the West Midlands.

It has proved so successful among Muslim men that another site, this time for Westerners, has opened for business – and is especially popular with women. The man behind SecondWife.com is Azad Chaiwala, who insisted the service promoted fidelity, morality and old-fashioned family values.

.... The law surrounding multiple wives in the UK is clear.

It is illegal, with bigamy carrying a maximum prison sentence of seven years.

Chiawala stressed, however, that he was not promoting a criminal act.

His religion allows a man to have up to four wives, as long as they are in agreement with the arrangement, the internet guru maintained.

Those tangled relationships can be celebrated through a civil-style ceremony in mosques but cannot be cemented through a legal, western service.

“This is my wedding, I do not need to have a piece of paper,” Chiawala said.

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