22 June 2016

Pakistan: Christians jailed for six years on blasphemy charges

A court in Pakistan has jailed two Christians for six years on blasphemy charges and acquitted five others of the same offence.

The pair were sentenced for allegedly 'instigating sectarian hatred and hurting religious feelings and sentiments of the Muslims'.

They were part of a group detained after a pastor published a poster relating to an ordination ceremony using the word "rasool".

Rasool means messanger in Arabic and is often used to refer to the Prophet Muhammed.

Bushra Zaman Court cleared five men of the accusations but convicted Pastor Aftab Gill and Hajaj Bin Yousaf and jailed them for six years.

CLAAS, a charity providing free legal aid and support to those who are charged under Pakistan's blasphemy law, told Premier people were using the law to settle personal scores.

"During the last month at least three Christians were accused of blasphemy," a spokesman said. [Premier Christian Radio] Read more