26 September 2016

Female police officers in burkahs? Leicestershire Police has issued a further statement

Leicestershire Police has says it has no plans to allow Muslim female officers to wear a burka whilst on duty.

In a statement on its website, a spokeswoman said the force was "disappointed" with the national press for publishing "inaccurate and misleading" information about plans to allow individuals to wear Islamic dress as part of their uniform.

Last week, the Mercury ran a story reporting the Chief Constable Simon Cole's reaction to a story which said West Midlands Police was considering the move.

He said: "We have been made aware of discussions in other police forces regarding incorporating burkas into police uniform.

"It is not something that Leicestershire Police has been asked to consider by an officer or a potential recruit.

"If such a request was made, it would be considered in line with the requirements of policing and the need to ensure officers have uniforms that are fit for purpose". [The Leicester Mercury] Read more