22 September 2016

The Islamophobic attacks you don’t hear about

Incidents of ‘Islamophobia’ are really getting out of hand in Britain. In fact there has been such a wave of attacks that it’s amazing that politicians and commentators across the political spectrum, (not to mention all those supposed ‘anti-fascist’ groups) aren’t grand-standing like crazy. Perhaps their problem is that this wave of attacks does not consist of people writing nasty and mean things on Twitter, but of Muslims killing other Muslims and still other Muslims extolling such killings.

.... And who is surprised that the Imams who toured the UK are supporters of the murderer rather than the victim? On the positive side, non-Muslims in the UK can take comfort from the facts that (in the words of the Imam of one of the mosques this pair spoke at) they have ‘hundreds of thousands of followers in the UK.’

In the meantime I cannot be alone in finding the general silence over this recent wave of ‘Islamophobia’ truly perplexing. [The Spectator] Read more