12 September 2016

Vienna swimming pool burkini ban sparks protest

Muslims in Vienna are planning to protest at a swimming pool after being told that burkinis were banned for hygiene and safety reasons.

The row started when a young Muslim woman was told to leave the ‘Stadthallenbad’ indoor swimming pool in Vienna.

The young woman, a 23-year-old student, said she was particularly annoyed because she had telephoned before and had been told that burkinis were allowed.

However when she arrived she and her friend who was also wearing a burkini were told to leave by a swimming pool employee.

She said: "They said that we could not swim in the pool for hygiene reasons."

Management at the swimming pool explained that this was because rules dictate that all swimwear be made of an appropriate fabric, and they said that one of the women was wearing a cotton burkini which was deemed unsuitable. [The Local] Read more