21 September 2016

Nearly half of all Australians want Muslim immigration ban: poll

The poll was conducted by Essential Media Communications and comes a week after Pauline Hanson's maiden speech to the Senate that warned Australian was being swamped by Muslims.

When asked "Would you support or oppose a ban on Muslim immigration to Australia?" 49 per cent chose support, 40 per cent opposed and 11 per cent didn't know.

40 per cent of Labor voters supported the ban, as did 60 per cent of Liberal/National Party voters and 34 per cent of Green voters.

When asked 'What is the main reason you support a ban on Muslim immigration?" 27 per cent said because of the threat of terrorism, 41 per cent said Muslims did not integrate into Australian society, 22 per cent said Muslims do not share our values and four per cent said Australia was a Christian country.

Essential Media executive director Peter Lewis said he was so surprised by the results he ran the poll twice to make sure it was not a rogue outcome. [The West Australian] Read more