20 September 2016

Switzerland: Muslim schoolboy told he must shake hands with female teacher or face possible fine

A 15-year-old Muslim schoolboy in Switzerland who refused to shake the hand of a female teacher as he claimed it went against his religious beliefs, has been told he must now do so or face disciplinary measures.

Amer Salhani, had said a local Swiss tradition where teachers and pupils shook hands went against the teachings of his faith. Initially the high school, in the town of Therwil, Basel-country, agreed to exempt Salhani and his older brother, who left the school at the end of June (2016). However the exemption sparked outrage in Switzerland, where the tradition is widely observed.

Now Salhani has been told by the local education authority that unless he shakes his teacher's hand, he will face disciplinary action and could be fined as much as 5,000CHF (£4,000). [International Business Times] Read more