15 May 2017

Azad Ali of MEND and Haitham al-Haddad – Democracy and Hellfire

.... At present, however, Mr Haddad is disappointed with some of the Muslim MPs in the last Parliament. You see, “some of them, they are anti-Muslim, as we all know.”

He expands on this theme in another video from 2013. Muslim MPs voted for same sex marriage? Really? Yes, a majority of them of them did just that, wa alhamdulillah, as they say.

Though Mr Haddad would not say that. Oh no. It’s all takfiri hellfire for the yes voters, really. To summarise Mr Haddad’s words on what he terms these “so-called Muslim MPs”:

- They should be brought before an “Islamic body” charged with deciding whether they are Muslims or not.

- If they do not repent for “leaving Islam”, they are bound for the hellfire.

- In this life, those who do not repent must be shunned even by their own families.

- When the hellfire time comes, they should be denied Muslim funeral prayers and burials.

- No, there is no forgiveness for them. Do not pray for this. It is forbidden. [Harry’s Place] Read more