23 May 2017

Proposed Islamic hub draws cross chamber accusations among Brisbane councillors

An Islamic school's plans to create a master planned hub in Brisbane's south west has sparked fiery debate, including accusations of 'racial undertones', between the city's leaders.

The Australian International Islamic College (AIIC) at Durack has submitted a development application to Brisbane City Council and proposed a child care centre, mosque, multi-storey residential building, shops, medical centre and aged care facility be built on the school's site at 724 Blunder Road.

.... The development received more than 15 submissions from residents during the community consultation stage of this application with a majority opposing the development.

Concerns raised included the general proposed use of the site as well as associated noise, building height and traffic congestion.

"Other colleges do not build places of worship on their grounds and this one must not be allowed to do so," Blunder Road resident Kevin Franklin said in his submission to the council. [Brisbane Times] Read more