25 May 2017

Students at bomber's university tried to sabotage Prevent anti-terror scheme because it 'demonises Muslims'

Students at the university attended by the Manchester bomber have tried to sabotage the Prevent anti-terror scheme over claims it ‘demonises Muslims’.

The student union at Salford University, where Salman Abedi studied, passed a motion last year to boycott the initiative and ‘educate’ undergraduates about its ‘dangers’.

The boycott was part of a ‘Students not Suspects’ campaign, run by the National Union of Students, which has been linked with controversial terror apologist group CAGE.

Even yesterday, other Muslim student leaders in other Manchester universities have been calling for Prevent to be scrapped.

The Muslim chaplain for both Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University, said the scheme needed to be ‘wrapped up’ and said society should ‘move on’

Prevent places a legal duty on universities to report any signs of students becoming radicalised to the authorities.

The purpose of the initiative is to stop students being groomed by extremists before it is too late, with teams of experts deployed to help those identified as at risk.

The duty began as a voluntary scheme and was made law in 2015 – one year after Abedi began his business and management course at the university. [Daily Mail] Read more