03 May 2017

Ukip parliamentary candidate describes Islam as a 'cancer'

.... Challenged to explain further how here personal views on Islam align with Ukip’s, Ms Santos replied: “No one mentioned hate apart from you!”

Ms Santos told The Independent it was "quite obvious" she was referring to radical Islam rather than the entire religion.

She said: "It was a turn of phrase, I'm not referring to a quarter of the world's population any more than I meant the word 'cancer' to be taken literally."

She added: "There are problems with Islam in parts of England - not here in Scotland - which needs to be sensibly and intellectually debated, to prevent people from being hateful. I genuinely believe that Islam is not a very savoury faith."

"Islamic faith has an element of oppressive tendencies towards women and that should be addressed more in the west. Hundreds of years ago, Christianity didn't behave particularly well, and I expect in a hundred years or so, Islam might have moved on in terms of how it treats women and its attitude towards homosexuality and so on." [The Independent] Read more