04 May 2017

Douglas Murray on immigration, Islam and identity

In an incendiary new book, neo-conservative Douglas Murray holds forth on immigration, Islam and identity. Here, the writer tells Katie Law why he is predicting the imminent death of Europe.

.... Broadly speaking, his thesis is that the unprecedented levels of migration into Europe coming at the same time as the continent has lost faith in its beliefs and identity will result in its downfall. The combination of guilt about our past, declining birth rates and the demise of traditional Christian values, together with the abject failure of multiculturalism, means Europe as we know it will cease to exist within the lifespans of most people alive today.

Murray contends that by being a tolerant society that is inviting in “the whole world” we risk welcoming in millions of people from other cultures, “some of whom hold less liberal views than the majority of people in the countries they have come into”.

This might not matter if they were coming into “a strong and assertive culture” but they’re not. They’re coming into one that is “guilty, jaded and dying. I find it such a galvanising subject because I think it’s the subject,” he says. [Evening Standard] Read more