05 June 2017

Cory Bernardi says 'we need to talk about Islam', insults Muslims with offensive graphic

Cory Bernardi's new Australian Conservatives party has responded to the London Bridge terrorist attack by surveying its members about their views on Islam, saying "we can't put it off any longer".

The survey, titled "We Need to Talk About Islam" was emailed to supporters of the former Liberal Senator's party on Monday, just a day after knife-wielding attackers murdered seven and injured nearly 50 in London's Saturday night attack.

A graphic next to the survey showed the Islamic "shahada" or proclamation of faith, written in Arabic with a large cross through it, a move labelled "fiercely extremist" by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, and offensive by Sydney Muslim community leader Dr Jamal Rifi.

Senator Bernardi defended the timing of the survey. [The Sydney Morning Herald] Read more