06 June 2017

Stop Faith schools, ban headscarves for young girls and deport all known terrorists: Loose Women star's 10 step plan to stop Islamist radicalisation

Muslim Loose Women star Saira Khan is an outspoken television presenter never afraid to debate the issues of the day.

In the past she has been criticised by some in the Muslim community but she is one of the most recognisable faces in the public eye with Islamic heritage.

It makes her uniquely qualified to give her views on the rise of extremism and what might be done to curb the slide towards terrorism we seem to be experiencing.

Here she give her ten point plan to help stop Islamist radicalisation.

Put a stop to single Faith schools – I was brought up in a mixed co-ed Comprehensive School. It was my local school and it’s where all the kids from where I lived went.

School was where I learnt about British culture and way of life. I attended all the assemblies, school fairs, Christmas parties etc. If I went to a Muslim school, I would have missed out on this.

How can you integrate into society if from the age of five you’ve only hung around people from your own religious group? [Daily Mirror] Read more