16 April 2015

A Golden Age

Jane Corbin's documentary, Kill the Christians, aired on BBC2 last night. It was a predictably grim catalogue of Islamist violence against the dwindling Christian minority in the Arab Middle East. There are some uncomfortable ironies though, which perhaps she could have explored in more depth:

.... "In Erbil in Kurdistan, thousands of displaced Christians are crammed into a half-built shopping mall. I met Leila and Imad Aziz preparing food for a Christian festival with their two little girls. They fled from Mosul last summer when IS occupied the city, giving Christians the choice of converting to Islam, leaving the city or paying the jizya - the heavy tax imposed on Christian subjects by Muslim rulers centuries ago."

"We can't go back to Mosul for fear of being killed, kidnapped or robbed," Imad told me. "I believe that in four to five years, very few Christians will remain. They will be pointing fingers at them saying: 'He's a Christian.'" [Mick Hartley] Read more