27 April 2015

Opinion: Fake phobia is preventing much-needed Islam reform

“ISLAMAPHOBIA” is a manufactured left wing concept. Literally. It was made up in 1997 by a British left wing think tank called the Runnymede Trust.

Although the word had appeared in theological texts earlier with a far more limited meaning, the Runnymede definition created a phony problem and in doing so built a fraudulent victimhood industry.

The new term was then exploited by Britain’s Labour Party to stifle any criticism of its disastrous policies towards immigration in general and Muslims in particular.

Much like Australia’s Labor Party, Britain’s Labour Party has benefited mightily over the years from harnessing the Muslim vote.

.... Obviously, harassing individuals based on their clothes or religion is unacceptable. But criticising or questioning the cultural values and teachings being espoused by the religion of choice of a vast immigrant group within the community is — or should be — perfectly legitimate.

Worse, the “Islamophobia” tag prevents Muslims from having the discussions necessary to reform their often sexist and homophobic religion. Suggesting that disagreeing with the values of Islam fuels terrorism is, to use another invented term, pure codswallop. [The Courier-Mail] Read more