18 April 2015

Jakim tries to censor jokes, songs and music on stage

Islamic authorities have set new rules on the kind of personality, dress, music, lyrics and jokes allowed for stage shows and music concerts by foreign personalities, it was reported today.

Men and women are now not allowed to interact on stage. (In January a controversy arose after an online allegation that young Malay women fans had supposedly been “molested” on stage at a concert of the South Korean pop group B1A4.)

The rules were relased by Jakim, the federal Islamic affairs department, which has religious authority in the Federal Territories.

Malay Mail Online reported that the new rules were approved by a national fatwa convention in February.

They are not binding in law but federal Islamic affairs minister Jamil Khir Baharom had previously said that approving authorities were advised to ask event organisers to abide by Jakim’s rules. [Free Malaysia Today] Read more