05 April 2015

Senior Muslim lawyer says British teenagers see Isis as 'pop idols'

.... Afzal claims the current strategy relies almost entirely on police and the security services. "It is stale and repetitive and goes only to the usual suspects and the usual charities in our communities."

"I know from experience that the police are often reduced to holding endless meetings with so-called community leaders who represent no one but themselves. This is a new dawn in terrorism and so we need a new dawn in the ways we tackle it."

He wants the next government to mobilise an army of young British Muslims that he believes will be best equipped to turn would-be Isis fighters back from the brink. [826 Comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 140 votes] ".... so-called community leaders who represent no one but themselves."

At last someone with experience finally reveals the truth about these state funded gobshites.

[2ND 102] .... we live in a lefty socialist racist society which alows muslims to say what they like, but non muslims must button it. GOOD AINT IT. [The Guardian] Read more