27 July 2016

Don't mention Islam

The Pope speaks out:

Pope Francis has warned that a recent wave of jihadist attacks in Europe is proof that "the world is at war".

Except he doesn't actually talk of "jihadist attacks", because - of course - none of this has anything to do with religion:

However, he stressed he did not mean a war of religions, but rather a conflict over "interests, money, resources"....

"The word we hear a lot is insecurity, but the real word is war," the pontiff said.

"We must not be afraid to say the truth, the world is at war because it has lost peace.

Can't argue with that.

"When I speak of war I speak of wars over interests, money, resources, not religion. All religions want peace, it's the others who want war," Pope Francis added.

Ah yes.

We can add the Pope's helpful comments to those of the BBC's security correspondent Frank Gardner, who asks, What drives individuals to commit mass killings? [Mick Hartley] Read more