21 July 2016

Salafism is dangerous, Muslims should lead fight against it in France – PM Valls

Prime Minister Manuel Valls has called on French Muslims to lead the battle against Salafism in “mosques, neighborhoods and families,” describing the ultra-conservative Islamic ideology as “perverse.” He has, however, rejected calls to ban the movement.

“Yes, Salafism, which has destroyed and perverted a part of the Muslim world, is a threat for Muslims, and also a danger for France,” Valls said in an address at the French National Assembly.

The issue of Salafism was raised by assembly member Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, who proposed a ban on the ideology.

Valls said he is unsure that a ban would be “the right tool” for battling the ideology, and that “these organizations know perfectly well how to escape justice by hiding their true nature.”

He added that it would be easy for Salafists who would potentially be caught under proposed legislation to prove that they are merely “victims of big manipulation.” [RT News] Read more