16 July 2016

Hanson tells PM she ‘won’t back down’ on Islam

.... She told the prime minister, who before the election said she was unwelcome in Australian politics, she wanted to work with the government to “get good legislation for the people”.

“But I also told him I will not back down on my issues to do with Islam,” she said.

“We have a right to protection in this country.

“We cannot back away from these views and we cannot just ignore a religion or an ideology that does not and is not compatible with the Australian culture and way of life.” Ms Hanson said Mr Turnbull assured her border security was “very big on his agenda” and the pair will meet when she travels to Canberra.

She added: “I just want you to know I have got the ear of the prime minister now on your behalf because I’m working for you and it’s very important, as I said to him, that we all work together to find the right answers.” [news.com.au] Read more