08 July 2016

Trojan Horse is still a threat to Birmingham schools - it's just gone underground

The head of school inspection service Ofsted has warned that the “Trojan Horse” campaign to impose radical ideas on Birmingham schools has “gone underground” but hasn’t gone away.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, national head of the inspection service, has written to education Secretary Nicky Morgan to warn: “The situation remains fragile”.

And he said he was concerned that Birmingham was failing to ensure “children are not being exposed to harm, exploitation or the risk of falling under the influence of extremist views.”

Schools that were placed in special measures as a result of the Trojan Horse affair were “generally improving” he said, but he added: “There are a minority of people in the community who are still intent on destabilising these schools.”

Sir Michael’s letter paints a worrying picture about the state of Birmingham’s schools and education services, and he places much of the blame on the “incompetence” of Birmingham City Council. [Birmingham Mail] Read more