11 July 2016

Pupil's refusal to shake hands with teacher leads to walk out

When the teacher at the Kurt-Tucholsky School extended her hand to congratulate a Muslim student on passing his Abitur exams (the German A-Level equivalent), the student declined, offering his wrist instead.

He explained to her privately that his actions weren't due to a lack of respect, but for religious reasons, local media reported.

However, when he went on to refuse to shake the female headteacher's hand, some members of staff felt he had crossed a line. Several teachers wanted the student to be sent out from the event, but headteacher Andrea Lüdtke refused.

Five teachers decided to boycott the rest of the event and there were "intense discussions" among teachers and students, the Hamburger Morgenpost reported.

Lüdtke told the local paper that the student was a committed and enthusiastic pupil in religious studies as well as in other subjects, adding that he was "in no way" extremist. [The Local] Read more