24 August 2016

EEOC settles case over Muslim server fired for wearing headscarf

A settlement has been awarded in a case against a Philadelphia restaurant with an apparent "no hoodies" policy regarding an employee’s right to wear a headscarf as part of her religious freedom.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the lawsuit against Rotten Ralph’s Restaurant in the case EEOC v. Half Shell Inn. In the case, the EEOC charged that a general manager refused Tia Rollins, an employee, the right to wear a khimar as part of her religious beliefs.

Khimars are worn by Muslim women, especially during religious holidays such as Ramadan.

When Rollins wore the scarf to work at Rotten Ralph’s, the general manager allegedly became outraged, saying that “hoodies” were not allowed. Rollins informed the manager that she wore the scarf as part of her religious beliefs and needed to keep the scarf on while she worked. The manager refused to accommodate Rollins, instead terminating her employment at Rotten Ralph’s. [Penn Record] Read more