12 August 2016

Hundreds protest after Iranian police arrest 'un-Islamic' women caught riding a bicycle

EXTREME authorities in a conservative Iranian town have been hit with protests after they banned women from riding bicycles - because it "goes against Islam".

The discriminatory ban has already seen at least five women apprehended just for riding bicycles in public.

But, the backlash against the extreme ban has seen hundreds of both men and women come out onto the streets with their bicycles to protest the decision.

Marivan, a town in western Iran, took the bizarre measure amid growing use of bicycles throughout the country.

Local authorities forced police to arrest any woman caught on a bicycle because they believe it "goes against Islam".

Iranian officials have encouraged people to cycle as part of a nationwide anti-pollution environmental campaign.

The initiative has seen thousands of citizens cycle at least once a week.

But, Islamic faith leaders in the town of Marivan have cracked down on the trend and pressured the authorities to ban women from public cycling. [Daily Express] Read more