14 August 2016

Oppressed in Islam’s heartlands, Ahmadis hope to fare better in the West

IN WHAT organisers called one of the biggest Muslim gatherings in the Western world, tens of thousands of faithful gathered this weekend in a green and pleasant part of southern England and affirmed their loyalty to their caliph. Does that mean an Islamic revolution is in progress? No, nothing of the kind.

For Ahmadiyya or Ahmadi Muslims, the caliphate or supreme leadership of their worldwide community is a purely spiritual function; they see it as a point of principle that people should be loyal and useful citizens of whichever country they live in.

That's one reason why the three-day proceedings included the ceremonial hoisting of the British flag. The current caliph (pictured) made clear his view that Britain, where he resides, would benefit from more frequent public declarations of loyalty to Queen and country; for example, there could be an American-style pledge of allegiance to the flag in British schools. [The Economist] Read more