10 August 2016

Senior German ministers call for ban on wearing the burqa

Senior ministers in Germany have called for a ban on burqas and an end to dual citizenship in response to the threat from terrorism.

Angela Merkel’s government is preparing to unveil increased security measures in the wake of recent terror attacks.

Thomas de Maiziere, the country's interior minister, is to detail a series of new proposals on Thursday, including the deportation of preachers who incite terrorism.

But senior elected officials from Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democrat party (CDU) believe the new measures do not go far enough, and have published a series of more far-reaching proposals.

Mr de Maiziere is believed to support the call for tougher measures, and will add his signature to the proposals next week, according to local press reports.

The document, already known as the Berlin Declaration, has already been signed by state interior ministers across Germany. [The Telegraph] Read more