23 August 2016

Muslim on Muslim hatred is far more of a problem than hatred against non-Muslims

The idea that one deserves to die for blasphemy is something that has been common in Muslim culture for many years.

Recently, Tanveer Ahmed was sentenced for the brutal murder of Asad Shah. The case heard that Ahmed was incensed over the beliefs held by Mr Shah. He then travelled to Glasgow to brutally murder the family man and shopkeeper.

What was shocking was he held no remorse for the killing.

This belief that one will be rewarded in the afterlife for upholding the name of Islam in this way is clearly a major issue within the Muslim community not only here but worldwide.

Individuals are being taught that blasphemy should be punishable by death. Speaking up against such incidents is the job of all the imams and religious leaders in this country. But you are unlikely to hear clear condemnations.

To condemn this is to some way suggest that you agree with the opposing view.

Which isn’t the case at all but you will find most Muslims will not publicly speak up about blasphemy in case they themselves get drawn into the argument. It is an argument you are unlikely to win. [Asian Image] Read more