18 August 2016

Merkel says burqa likely hinders integration in Germany

In an interview with the German news organization RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland on Thursday, Merkel said she was opposed to a ban on the body-covering garment known as the burqa, which is worn by some female Muslims.

When asked about the possibility of a ban, similar to the one imposed in France several years ago, Merkel responded by saying she fully supports the position of her interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere, who has come out against such a measure.

However, the chancellor also expressed a degree of concern about the burqa.

"In my view, a fully covered woman has little chance of integrating in Germany," Merkel said.

Merkel's party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has repeatedly debated the possibility of a burqa ban in Germany. As recently as December, however, the party rejected the proposal. [Deutsche Welle] Read more