08 September 2016

Bavarian CSU call for drastic tightening of immigration laws

The conservative Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) published a policy paper on Thursday demanding wholesale changes to German immigration laws, placing further pressure on the embattled Angela Merkel.

The document puts forward a raft of demands, some old some new, adding to tension between the ultra-conservative CSU and the more mainstream CDU, led by Chancellor Merkel.

It calls for an upper limit of 200,000 to the number of asylum seekers Germany accepts each year and for no one to be allowed inside Germany before they have been given a right to asylum.

It also includes rules which would affect migrants more generally, such as the abolition of dual citizenship and "the banning of the burqa in public to the greatest extent that is legally possible."

"Whoever doesn't want to do without a burqa or niqab can find another country to live in." [The Local] Read more