08 September 2016

Islamopuffery on Australia's SBS: "Corporate Hijabs Encourge Diversity, Inclusiveness in Workplace"

The mind boggles. Islam is the most relentless and aggressive monoculture the world has ever known; and its doctrine of 'loyalty and enmity', its rejection of reciprocity, its rejection of the Golden Rule (see Quran 48.29), its grim division of the world into Dar al Islam, the house of Islam (Submission) and Dar al Harb (the House of War), are anything but 'inclusive', they revolve around exclusion, the 'othering' of all non-Muslims as dirty, as enemy, as subhuman, 'the worst of beasts', and yet, for females belonging to this cult to be enabled and encouraged to flaunt their Gang Colours, their Sharia Badge - in a workplace where every non-Islamic colleague or customer is someone whom said females' cult defines as a target for conversion, subjugation as a near-slave dhimmi, or death - is being represented as the ultimate in 'diversity' and 'inclusiveness'. [The Iconoclast] Read more