06 September 2016

‘Satanic Verses’ author Salman Rushdie: ‘Today, I would be accused of Islamophobia, racism’

Novelist Salman Rushdie spent two decades in hiding under the protection of the British government over a 1989 death sentence imposed on him by the Iranian government and murderous threats by other Muslims for purported blasphemy against the prophet Muhammad in his novel “The Satanic Verses.”

He doubts that would happen today.

Now, Mr. Rushdie says in an interview with a French magazine, Western governments are too eager to appease Islamism, both at home and abroad. He was also sharply critical of President Obama for his reluctance to use the I-word when speaking of terrorism.

“Today, I would be accused of Islamophobia and racism. People would say I had attacked a cultural minority,” the writer told Le Point magazine in an interview excerpted in the newspaper Le Figaro and translated with computer assistance by The Washington Times. [The Washington Times] Read more