05 March 2017

Ban the Koran in the Netherlands, says far-right leader Wilders

As campaigning starts to reach a climax in the Netherlands ahead of elections on March the 15th, the far-right Freedom party looks set to double its number of parliamentary seats.

On one policy, leader Geert Wilders told Euronews he thinks the Koran should be forbidden in the Netherlands, just like Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”.

“I rather would have not Koran at all as we in Holland at least have outlawed Mein Kampf as well.

“It might be in some part highly symbolic, still it would have an enormous effect to do so.

“If one country is tougher on its immigration policy than the other, then the most immigrants go to the country with the softest immigration policy.”

Members of the Muslim community organised a meeting to report what they describe as a rising climate of extremism, which they say is being encouraged by Wilders. [Euronews] Read more