18 March 2017

HAS THE BEEB LOST ITS MIND?' BBC sparks outrage as it asks Twitter followers ‘what is the right PUNISHMENT for blasphemy?’

THE BBC has sparked outrage after asking Twitter followers “what is the right punishment for blasphemy?”.

A tweet, posted from the BBC Asian Network’s official account posed the question to followers after the Government of Pakistan called on Facebook to assist a blasphemy crackdown.

User Neil Davies said: "The question is ridiculous".

While political activist Maryam Namazie tweeted: "Disgraceful that @bbcasiannetwork @shaziaAwan would ask what 'punishment' should be for blasphemy. You know people get killed for it."

Jeffrey Peel added: "Are you serious? You're funded by British licence payers who cherish freedom of speech."

Another user commented: "Your question is appallingly clumsily worded and implies that blasphemy should be punished in some way."

Another added: "The 'right' punishment?! Has the BBC lost its mind?" [The Sun] Read more